eCertify New Zealand has now migrated to essCert for non-preferential Certificates. NZ China & AANZ FTA COs will still be processed in eCertify. You can still access all archived document records processed in eCertify to download or print. To update company or signatory details and to apply for new or replacement non-preferential COs please click here to access the essCert New Zealand system.

Portland Business Alliance adopts eCertify

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The Portland Business Alliance issues Certificates of Origin (COO). Some foreign countries or importers require this for certain commodities. The purpose of the certificate is to authenticate a product’s country of origin. Customs offices use this document to determine whether or not a preferential duty rate applies on the products being imported.

The Alliance issues COO’s for goods manufactured within the United States. Up until recently, COO’s were couriered or mailed to the Chamber of Commerce for certification – a costly, inefficient and time-consuming paper based process for members and nonmembers.

The Alliance is now working with eCertify to streamline the process to make it a better experience for members. eCertify presents a complete solution to the challenges that members experience by turning the paper-based process of stamping and signing of trade documents into a streamlined electronic system – providing their members real value in cost savings and efficiency gains.

Member benefits with eCertify:

  • Saves times and money – no more couriers
  • Faster documentation certification turnaround times – no more missed deadlines
  • User friendly online web solution
  • Increased compliance and record keeping

eCertify is the Industry Standard and is designed to cater for all submission types. It allows Exporters and Trade Service providers to electronically process their export documents irrespective of how they are created.

Register your business online today for free!

When you are confirmed registered, you will receive an email with pricing information. All new non-member businesses will receive six weeks of member pricing from the date of registration, during which period an Alliance representative will contact you about membership options.

eCertify is looking forward to assisting the Portland Business Alliance make the most of this valuable, green solution for international trade.