eCertify New Zealand has now migrated to essCert for non-preferential Certificates. NZ China & AANZ FTA COs will still be processed in eCertify. You can still access all archived document records processed in eCertify to download or print. To update company or signatory details and to apply for new or replacement non-preferential COs please click here to access the essCert New Zealand system.

eCertify is now available in English and French

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Bienvenue à first multilingual eCertify Certificates of Origin

eCertify, the global leader in automating the complex Certificates of Origin process for exporters, has launched its first multilingual capability, extending its market to French-speaking countries.

Certifiers, exporters and freight forwarders can now select either English or French as their preferred language when using the software, which provides a turnkey solution for countries looking to cut down on manual, paper based processes and improve compliance with export procedures.

eCertify CEO Carman Rossi said that the multilingual capability opens the floodgates for other countries that want to use a system that processes certificates in their country’s official language.

“Certificates of Origin are an international issue – exporters and legislators are faced with time-consuming paperwork and manual processes,” said Mr Rossi. “That’s why eCertify has been adopted by many of the world’s largest Chambers of Commerce.”

The Metropolitan Board of Trade for Montreal is the first Chamber of Commerce to use the multilingual service in the world.

“The Board is especially pleased to have participated in the development of this brand new online service,” said Michel Leblanc, President and CEO of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.

“Certification is a key aspect of the export process for our businesses. Each year, the Board certifies over a thousand documents. With this new platform, both the entrepreneurs that use our services as well as our team will improve their efficiency.”

Certificates of origin, which attest to the origin of merchandise intended for export, are key documents in international trade and may be required by various bodies, including customs, importers and banks.

France is the fifth highest exporter in the world and its top export partners are Germany, Italy and Belgium. It is also the number one exporter of milling products, cocoa, beverages and cosmetics, and its top export goods respectively are industrial machinery, aircraft and motor vehicles and parts.

The multilingual capability opens up the opportunity for French-speaking countries such as France, Belgium, Haiti, Luxembourg, Monaco and a number of African countries with French as their official language to be able to process Certificates of Origin electronically.

eCertify provides a more efficient process for exporters and freight forwarders looking to expand their international trade opportunities.

Exporters and freight forwarders can apply for a COO from any computer, 24 hours a day, eliminating the manual tasks of submitting numerous supporting documents and physically dispatching the document to the relevant parties.

“This strategic process creates compliant and auditable electronic records, significantly reduces the manual processes, saves time and money and provides exporters with a competitive advantage in an ever-growing international marketplace,” Mr Rossi said.