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eCertify available in 50 US states

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After a few years of expansion, eCertify is now available in more than 50 Chambers of Commerce in the United States. eCertify has continually proved itself to be the leader in providing Chambers of Commerce with a world-class solution for electronic Certificates of Origin. More and more Chambers are seeing the benefits of using a simple, green, digital solution and throwing out the out-dated and costly paper based processes.

It’s easy to see why over 15,000 exporters and freight forwarders are already using eCertify worldwide:

  • eCertify is fast – send your Certificate of Origin and get a same day response
  • eCertify is green – reduce your carbon footprint by sending your certificates electronically. No paper or courier required!
  • eCertify saves time – productivity and workflow gains, including increased compliance and record keeping

If you are a Chamber of Commerce looking to take up this valuable service please contact us

If you are an Exporter or Freight Forwarder looking to process electronically head to our registration page to register with a Chamber.

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