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Success stories from our clients around the world

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 What Chambers are saying

  • "eCertify is another Victorian Chamber initiative we have embraced to provide a faster and more cost effective certification service for Victorian exporters. Since its implementation, we have seen a fantastic take-up of the electronic certification service."

    Patricia Griffiths
    Patricia GriffithsVictorian Chamber
  • "The Oslo Chamber of Commerce chooses eCertify to brgin a new era in document certification for us and our customers by using the eCert online system. eCertify presents a complete solution to the challenges Chambers and Exporters experience, turning the existing paper-based process into a seamless and streamlines electronic system. After having accomplished a successful pilot period, we are happy to be able to introduce this valuable service to customers and members."

    Lars-Kare Legernes
    Lars-Kare LegernesManaging Director, Oslo Chamber of Commerce
  • “The introduction of eCertify is literally electrifying the Certificate of Origin market in the United States. The ealy adopter chambers are thrilled with how easily and effectively it works and we at ACCE are proud to bring this ground-breaking service to our members.”

    Chris Mead
    Chris MeadSenior Vice President, Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives
  • “Our exporters are looking for ways to reduce time and speed up delivery. eCertify means fewer manual processes, fewer errors and speedier delivery through technology that takes minutes instead of hours and days. It gives exporters a competitive advantage.”

    Gary Toebben
    Gary ToebbenPresident and CEO, L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce
  • “eCertify is a game changer... the combination of process knowledge and the speed of electronic processing enhance our members' value. Today, businesses from both inside and outside our immediate metro area have joined the Greater Kansas City Chamber to take advantage of these savings in time and money.”

    Jacques Lebrument
    Jacques LebrumentGreater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
  • "The Auckland Chamber is consistently looking to promote smarter and more effective ways of doing business. We believe that in order for businesses to stay at the top in a competitive market they need to take advantage of tools that will allow them to be more productive and efficient in their operations. For this reason the Auckland Chamber has incorporated the eCert platform within its export documentation service because we believe that eCert will provide real value for exporters in terms of cost savings and efficiency gains."

    Michael Barnett
    Michael BarnettChairman, NZCCI Management Committee
  • "CCIWA is one of the first Chambers in Australia (and indeed the world) to electronically issue certificates of origin incorporating digital signatures."

    Ian Whitaker
    Ian WhitakerSenior Trade Advisor, CCIWA
  • "Working with eCertify has been an extremely positive experience. The attention to detail and the clarity of message has enabled the Waikato Chamber team to understand and embrace the process without the usual anxiety change or new software can create. It is great working with professionals who have applied 'there must be an easier way' rule as part of the design."

    Wayne Walford
    Wayne WalfordWaikato Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc.

 What Exporters are saying

  • "I was so pleased to find that my local Chamber could provide a certified Certificate of Origin, and that it was all done electronically! I had my certificate almost immediately, without ever leaving my desk. The customer service provided by the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce exceeded my expectations, as every step was thoroughly explained and easily understood. Great experience! I will use this service again."

    Stacy Hayes
    Stacy HayesExport Manager, Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company
  • "Using eCertify has put my exporting process into fast gear. Much of the export documentation and certification required for our shipments is solely my responsibility, so anything to simplify the process while I am busy with other aspects of my job is beyond valuable. eCert Submit allows me to submit my documents, obtain certification, and process payment within a matter of minutes and all from my office chair. There's no doubt that our customers appreciate the quick turnaround. Thank you for providing such a great service!"

    Lauren Lapic
    Lauren LapicInternational Logistics Coordinator, CENTRIA
  • "We are extremely happy to work with the Chamber to obtain valid and proper certificates of origin. The service gives us a great deal of flexibility, enabling us to keep our exports moving and satisfy the needs of our clients."

    Keith Hustings
    Keith HustingsExport Compliance Supervisor, Staples Promotional Products
  • "It's simple. I can just fill it out, upload it, do other work and come back later to find an approved Certificate of Origin. It's much less time consuming, allowing me to ship more."

    Brian DeWitt
    Brian DeWittWholesale Customer Service, Andrew Christian Inc.
  • "Why can't all e-doc initiatives be so easy!!"

    Clyde Fletcher
    Clyde FletcherManager Documentation Centre, Fonterra
  • "We would highly recommend any exporter take advantage of the many benefits, as well as the cost and significant time savings to be gained wit the implementation of this user-friendly eCert solution."

    Beverley Williams
    Beverley WilliamsViterra
  • "... it would take between 2-5 days to receive our certified documents from the chamber using physical post. eCertify provides fast turnaround and much happier customers. It is a user friendly solution that benefits all."

    Colleen Riordon
    Colleen RiordonWarrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Company
  • "eCertify is just a diamond to us. It has saved us four days per consignment over the old process. We are over the moon..."

    Michelle Lench
    Michelle LenchElders Limited
  • "Documents can now be directly lodged and returned in a matter of hours. In such a high volume and demanding environment, incremental time savings such as this greatly assist us in operating efficiently."

    Jason Flemming
    Jason FlemmingVisy Recycling
  • "I have worked with a lot of 3rd parties to get these kinds of interfaces working, and it's usually like pulling teeth. But you've exceeded all my expectations in terms of great assistance, quick feedback and generally an extremely painless resolution. This has brought a huge benefit to our export department."

    Kenneth Pedersen
    Kenneth PedersenVisy Paper
  • "eCertify has been integrated directly into our existing processes. Staff have found it simple to use, but the benefits to us have been extensive. Efficiencies gained by the timely processing of certificates means documents are processed by banks, agents and customers more quickly than before."

    Kathy Crowe
    Kathy CroweMichell Pty Ltd
  • "eCertify is great and fast!! Thank you for the service."

    Lusiana Sengkey
    Lusiana SengkeyDoen Pacific Pty Ltd

 What Freight Forwarders are saying

  • "Since switching to eCertify, creating certificates of origin has become a very simple process. The ability to create the form quickly, make modifications and generate .pdf files has decreased the time we spend on each certificate. Nobody missed making several trips to the printer and scanner!"

    Tami Lichtas
    Tami LichtasExport Operations Manager, TSC Container Freight
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