eCertify is migrating to essCert – All new users will be accessing the upgraded essCert platform, while current users will be switched in due course.

How It Works

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eCertify is a game changer… the combination of process knowledge and the speed of electronic processing enhance out members’ value. Today, businesses from both inside and outside out immediate metro area have joined the Greater Kansas City Chamber to take advantage of these savings in time and money.

eCertify enables exporters and freight forwarders to process electronic certificates of origin with their Chamber

Using eCertify is easy

  • Exporter or freight forwarder electronically submits documents to the chamber
  • Chamber reviews, accepts, applies the stamps and signatures and returns electronically
  • Documents returned to the Exporter can be printed, if required
  • eCert Chamber provides all stamping, signing and recording of Certificates
  • No major infrastructure investment required!
How to eCertify
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