eCertify New Zealand has now migrated to essCert for non-preferential Certificates. NZ China & AANZ FTA COs will still be processed in eCertify. You can still access all archived document records processed in eCertify to download or print. To update company or signatory details and to apply for new or replacement non-preferential COs please click here to access the essCert New Zealand system.

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Since switching to eCertify, creating certificates of origin has become a very simple process. The ability to create the form quickly, make modifications and generate .pdf files has decreased the time we spend on each Certificate. Nobody misses making several trips to the printer and scanner!

Tami Lichtas, Export Operations Manager, TSC Container Freight

Freight fowarders save time, reduce costs and provide superior service using eCertify

Freight forwarders searching for increased profits and productivity while providing clients with superior service are well advised to use eCertify, the user-friendly online solution which enables freight forwarders to create, submit and collect electronic certificates of origin from their desktop.

Moving information in a timely and accurate method is just as important as moving the goods – providing customers the data they need to successfully manage the movement of their goods.

Benefits of saying ‘good-bye’ to paper processing of Certificates of Origin:

  • Improved service for customers
  • Increased revenue – no more courier costs
  • FAST!

There are three options to submit your export documents to the Chamber

eCert WebDocs

Use your Chamber website to create and receive your Certificates online.

eCert Direct

Use your Vendor Software to send Electronic Certificates of Origin.

eCert Submit

Send complete or editable PDF versions of your certificates online.

Everything you need to know about Certificates of Origin

How to eCertify