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Using eCertify has put my exporting process into fast gear. Much of the export documentation and certification required for our shipments is solely my responsibility, so anything to simplify the process is beyond valuable… There’s no double that our customers appreciate the quick turnaround. Thank you for providing such a great service!

Lauren Lapic, International Logistics Coordinator, CENTRIA

Exporters cut costs and increase profits by using eCertify

Exporters searching for cost savings and efficiency gains need to look no further than eCertify, the user-friendly online solution which enables exprters to create, submit and collect electronic certificates of origin from their desktop.

Benefits of saying ‘good-bye’ to paper processing of Certificates of Origin include:

  • Saves money – no more couriers
  • Save time – desktop to desktop
  • FAST!

There are three options to submit your export documents to the Chamber

eCert WebDocs

Use your Chamber website to create and receive your Certificates online.

eCert Direct

Use your Vendor Software to send Electronic Certificates of Origin.

eCert Submit

Send complete or editable PDF versions of your certificates online.

Everything you need to know about Certificates of Origin

How to eCertify
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