eCertify New Zealand has now migrated to essCert for non-preferential Certificates. NZ China & AANZ FTA COs will still be processed in eCertify. You can still access all archived document records processed in eCertify to download or print. To update company or signatory details and to apply for new or replacement non-preferential COs please click here to access the essCert New Zealand system.


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eCertify means fewer manual processes, fewer errors and speedier delivery through technology that takes minutes instead of hours and days. It gives exporters a competitive advantage.

Gary Toebben, President and CEO, L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce

Make your Chamber more attractive to members by providing superior service

Chambers of Commerce searching for smarter, more profitable, more efficient and more compliant ways of servicing their members need to look no further than eCertify, the user-friendly online solution which enables Chambers of Commerce to manage the stamping and signing of electronic certificates of origin on behalf of exporters and freight forwarders.

The eCert Chamber platform provides Chambers of Commerce a seamless and streamlined process for the receipt, review, stamping and return of certified documents in electronic format from any registered exporter or freight forwarder.

eCert Chamber implementation is simple – a Chamber can be up and running in a matter of hours.

Benefits of saying ‘good-bye’ to paper based processing of Certificates of Origin:

  • Attract new members
  • Increase non-dues revenue
  • Add value to membership – provide faster turnaround times
  • Eliminate the risk of liability
  • Fast!

The process is easy!

  1. Exporters/freight forwarders register and are approved by a Chamber of Commerce
  2. The user chooses a submission method and sends their certificate and support documentation to the Chamber
  3. Chamber reviews, accepts, applies the stamps and signatures and returns by email notification
How to eCertify